Morning coffee and a prayer

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

God be in my head and in my understanding

God be in my eyes and in my looking

God be in my mouth and in my speaking

God be in my heart and in my thinking

God be at my end and at my departing I love it. It’s so old we don’t know who first composed it. It first appeared in print five hundred years ago in an English region called Sarum, so its official name is The "Sarum Prayer." It’s so old that people back then thought heads were for understanding and hearts were for thinking. Which sounds so appealing, doesn’t it, in the age of information overload? This prayer invokes a divine presence allowed to be whatever the divine presence might actually be, whether or not we can name, let alone define it/him/her/they. But it’s not so generic as to shy away from a brazen hope that such a divine presence could and would be in us; in varying modes of our actual operating (understanding, looking, speaking, thinking, departing.) Yes, mystical and curious. Isn’t that the stubborn point of praying anyway? Curiosity? If there were a God, what would it be like to have (or to notice) a little flowing through me proximity? Wouldn’t it lessen the boredom and jazz up the whole being alive experience? Barring that, wouldn’t it just help us get through the day? Go ahead. Take it for a spin.

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