Lead - Peter Part 2 (Acts)

Lead - Peter Part 2 (Acts)


Includes small group study guide.


Peter’s life has changed forever. Having followed Jesus for over three years, Peter is now the acknowledged leader amongst the disciples. Previously, Peter’s enthusiasm was shaped by both the successive steps of faith and the many mistakes he’s made. There were great highs and disappointing lows for Peter during his time under Jesus’ leadership. It was certainly a learning and refining time that took him from being a humble fisherman to ultimately be a vital leader within a transformational movement. Only at this stage, just seven weeks after Jesus’ death and resurrection, Peter didn’t know what God had planned for his life. 


Something had to happen to continue Jesus’ ministry. God would have to act once again to bring about the fusion between Jesus’ recent ministry and the birth of the Church. To initiate this birth, we find that it is now Peter’s time to step into God’s story in a way that he’d have never imagined was possible.