Small Group Story Cards

Small Group Story Cards

How do you get a group of people to start talking? 

How do you get them to start being real? 


Story Cards are an exciting way to encourage people to share about their lives and spiritual journeys. Because we live in a visual culture, you'll be surprised by how Story Cards draw your group into deeper reflection and more meaningful conversations. Pictures can help us to lower our guard and allow for creativity to flourish. Story Cards help us connect with the up and downs of our lives.


Instructions: Spread out cards in the middle of the room so people can see them. Ask group members to pick a card that best describes where they feel their life is right now. Go around the room and ask group members why they chose the card that they did. Questions can vary e.g. Pick a card that best describes your relationship with God right now etc. Once everyone has had an opportunity to share, jump into your normal Life Group study time. Enjoy!