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Google Fonts

Our font directory places typography front and center, inviting users to explore, sort, and test fonts for use in more than 135 languages. We showcase individual type designers and foundries, giving you valuable information about the people and their processes, as well as analytics on usage and demographics. Our series of thematic collections helps you discover new fonts that have been vetted and organized by our team of designers, engineers, and collaborators, and our default sort organizes fonts based on popularity, trends, and your geographic location. You can also create your own highly customized collections by filtering families, weights, and scripts, plus test color themes, and review sample copy. Collections can be shared, making it easy to collaborate on projects and ensure typography is optimized and streamlined throughout the design and engineering process.

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free typography is a blog about the best free fonts, typefaces and typography for free download. We love high quality free fonts and we like to share them! Download it for free with one click and hire the great typography designers behind the creative work.

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Since 2011 Lost Type has been a source for unique typefaces, with a collection of over 50 different faces from contributors all over the world. 100% of the funds from sales of these fonts go directly to their respective designers. Lost Type fonts have been used across the world, and recently have been featured in projects for Nike, Starbucks, Disney and the President of the United States. Lost Type continues to be dedicated to the idea that quality fonts should be made available to anyone who wants to create an individual piece of characterful design.

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the league of moveable type

We're constantly finding & sharing new, awesome things in the world of type & design, but more interestingly — it's a place where you can learn to level up your skills.
Tell us what you're interested in, and we'll send over a few free mini-courses we've made for you — both in learning about using typography and in making it.
If you’re an expert, it’ll be a good refresher, and if you’re totally new to the idea, then we'll teach you the fundamentals – even if you've never played with design or fontmaking before

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Hype for Type

HypeForType is the largest online font shop in Europe. Currently distributing more than 35,000 fonts for over 350 type foundries in 62 different countries. We offer custom type development services including the creation of corporate typefaces and families in Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Indic, Chinese, Thai, and more. We offer font licensing for a wide variety of uses including Brand Fonts, Brand Identity, Broadcast, Desktop, Goods For Direct Sale, Merchandise, eBook, Publication, Gaming, Server, OEM, and more.

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font squirrel

Free fonts have met their match. We know how hard it is to find quality freeware that is licensed for commercial work. We've done the hard work, hand-selecting these typefaces and presenting them in an easy-to-use format.

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Paid Fonts

My Fonts

MyFonts offers the largest selection of professional fonts for any project. Over 130,000 available fonts, and counting.

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creative market

Find over 28k fonts to download and use in design projects of all kinds for web and print. These font sets feature hand-drawn, brush, and vector letterforms, along with extra character sets and embellishments for headers, text, and display.

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Font Fabric

We are a tight-knit group of accomplished, multidisciplinary designers who share a passion for high-quality typefaces, calligraphy and lettering.

Our clients include high-profile global brands such as NikeLiptonHyundaiCNETNestléTransavia and the US national football team, to name but a few. In addition to these commercial successes, Fontfabric regularly leads workshops and lectures, releases free fonts, and collaborates with locals and internationals alike to cultivate a growing and vibrant type scene.

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Font Tools

What the Font

Instant font identification powered by the world’s largest collection of fonts. WhatTheFont uses deep learning to search our collection of over 133,000 font styles and find the best match for the fonts in your photo. It even works with connected scripts and when there’s more than one font in an image. Just upload an image, click the font you want to identify, then check out the results.

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Sky Fonts

With the SkyFonts app installed on your Windows or Mac OSX system, you simply browse your favorite font websites to find the perfect font, then click the Install button on the site. SkyFonts will download and activate your fonts in seconds.

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